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Minority Legislative Breakfast 2023

The 23rd Annual Minority Legislative Breakfast, a collaborative effort between the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Montgomery County (HCCMC), the Asian American Political Alliance, and the African American Chamber of Commerce, proved to be a resounding success and a landmark event for the community. This year’s breakfast, held with the aim of addressing and supporting the diverse needs of minorities in Montgomery County, witnessed an unprecedented turnout, making it the largest in the event’s history with over 320 participants.

Elected leaders took the stage to provide a comprehensive overview of their efforts and achievements in addressing the priorities presented each year to uplift and support minorities in the county. The engaging discussions and insights shared during the event underscored the commitment of the elected officials to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all communities.

The 23rd Annual Minority Legislative Breakfast not only served as a platform for dialogue and awareness but also highlighted the collective strength and unity of the diverse communities represented. HCCMC looks forward to continued collaboration in addressing the needs and priorities of minorities in Montgomery County.

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