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HCCMC advances the social and economic development of small businesses and minority communities. We promote strong policies that foster economic growth for businesses and families in Montgomery County.

Leverage Minority Contributors to our Economic Development

HCCMC supports retention and growth programs for existing small businesses, providing incentives and assistance for quality certification and management training.

HCCMC promotes stronger programs for minority inclusion in public procurement.

HCCMC promotes programs that improve infrastructure in all areas of Montgomery County to attract new businesses, increase business retention, and support telework opportunities.

Digital Communications

HCCMC believes that technology fosters social and economic growth by enabling new business models and solutions to social and technological challenges. Montgomery. By encouraging communities to embrace 5G networks, Montgomery County can better attract entrepreneurs and new business models that will thrive with 5G technology in the years to come. We also support the implementation of affordable access to broadband in all neighborhoods within Montgomery County and across Maryland.

Self-Driving Cars

5G networks will enable self-driving vehicles in the near future. It will also lead to vehicles sharing information in real time to reduce road accidents. This means safer roads for vehicles, bikers, pedestrians, and handicapped members of the community.

Next-Gen Telemedicine

5G will enable healthcare providers to leverage life-saving applications that rely on lag-free and high speed 5G networks

Better Environment for All

5G will pave the way for smarter technologies that can greatly reduce carbon emissions.

Enhanced Learning Methods

5G can greatly improve learning experiences by enabling immersive content, new interactions for live and remote events, and renewed teaching methods

To learn more about the benefits and advantages of 5G networks in Maryland, visit the Maryland 5G Partnership (MD5G).

Affordable Healthcare

HCCMC supports public policy initiatives at the Federal and local levels that have a specific impact on minorities and underserved communities. 

HCCMC advocates for better coverage for those who served in the armed forces and are suffering from emotional and psychological distress.

HCCMC actively seeks and promotes opportunities for underserved communities that don’t have access to health insurance or reliable medical services

Affordable Housing

HCCMC advocates for sufficient safe and affordable housing to attract a skilled and diverse labor pool to Montgomery County. We work with legislative and policy initiatives that have a real, measurable impact on young families and older citizens.

Provide realistic housing assistance access for people losing their homes.

Strengthen supportive residential programs for adults with permanent developmental disabilities and homeless opioid victims.

Strengthen affordable housing and consider the Council of Government goals to house young families.


HCCMC advocates to ensure affordable public transportation with comprehensive geographic and timetable coverage to ease congestion and environmental impacts.

HCCMC actively supports the use of local minority-owned contractors and consultants in the implementation of County and State-funded transportation systems.

HCCMC supports legislation that promotes the use of electrical powered vehicles to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

HCCMC actively supports the expansion of 495 and 270 in Montgomery County and Frederick County, to alleviate traffic congestion.


HCCMC promotes STEM attraction programs to provide incentives for minority youth to enter energy, life sciences, and technology courses of study.

HCCMC works directly with employers to fund and sponsor training grant programs to improve job retention among young minority workers.

HCCMC supports programs and affordable tuition for recognized certifications in the allied health fields, adult care programs, construction trades, and transportation systems.

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