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Día de los Muertos Networking Event 2023

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Montgomery County (HCCMC) hosted a vibrant Día de los Muertos Networking Event at Tacombi restaurant in Bethesda, located at 4749 Bethesda Avenue on November 2nd. This lively gathering brought together over 60 guests who were treated to a culinary experience like no other.

Tacombi, known for its authentic Mexican cuisine, surprised all attendees with delicious food prepared from scratch. From flavorful tacos to delectable salsas, every dish showcased the restaurant’s commitment to quality and traditional flavors. A unique highlight was discovering that Tacombi even crafts their own sodas, emphasizing their dedication to providing a truly authentic dining experience.

Beyond the culinary delights, we learned about Tacombi’s admirable community engagement. The restaurant goes above and beyond by donating over 800 meals per week to shelters and local food pantries, showcasing their commitment to making a positive impact beyond their doors.

The Día de los Muertos Networking Event at Tacombi was not only a celebration of Mexican culture and cuisine but also an opportunity for our guests to connect, enjoy delicious food, and learn more about the impactful initiatives of Tacombi in supporting the local community. HCCMC extends its gratitude to Tacombi and all the attendees for making this event a memorable and enriching experience!

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