Building Your Fundraising Department: Roles and Responsibilities

On Tuesday August 9th, 2022 we hosted a webinar with Leon Seemann. Fundraising is a critical function of non-profits. This webinar provided an overview of the core components of fundraising operations and a discussion on ways to effectively get everything done. 

Mr. Seemann is a management consultant with over 25 years of experience helping non-profits and private businesses grow and thrive financially and organizationally by ensuring that they are well funded, well managed, and well respected. He is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) with leadership, strategic planning, operations, and fundraising expertise. 

Mr. Seemann brings his energy  and skills as a trainer and facilitator to work with teams of all types – including inter-generational, inter-faith, and cross-disciplinary – to identift and resolve the challenges that often prevent them from achieving success. 

His consulting philosophy is based on “respect.” Strongly influence by his grandparents, Mr. Seemann believes in integrity and the importance of helping others. Organizatoins thrive when they are rooted in respect – for their colleagues and the people they serve. 

Mr. Seemann believes when we all get to be our whole selves, we get the best results. 

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