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Whether your organization is private or public, for-profit or non-profit, large or small, HCCMC membership provides a tremendous opportunity to network with other stakeholders in the Montgomery County Hispanic marketplace, fostering partnerships among Hispanic businesses and providing a unified voice to advocate for Hispanic business interests.

HCCMC connects you to a network of talented people, business owners, and independent professionals. Membership also gives you access to exclusive events and resources.  We strive to connect with all Montgomery County organizations and individuals invested in the Hispanic business community!

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Membership Levels

HCCMC offers several membership levels to be accessible to all kinds of organizations, from students and self-employed individuals to large corporations. Each level provides tailored benefits, enriching our membership base with a diversity of businesses who can share similarities and unique experiences.

Small Business

Companies with 5 employees or less

$300 per year

Individual Membership

$150 per year


$1,000 per year

Silver Sponsor

$2,500 per year

Gold Sponsor

$5,000 per year

Platinum Sponsor

$10,000 per year