Immigration and Mental Health

HCCMC had a full house on Thursday, February 27th!

Gabriela Romo, a psychologist specializing in migration and trauma, gave a presentation on how immigrants are facing policies that are affecting their mental health. Cultural and language barriers often make it difficult for individuals to seek out and receive the right assistance. Gabriela also explained how the Hispanic community is being affected by bullying, depression, anxiety, and other issues, emphasizing services that are available to the community and when to seek professional help.

Participants had a lively discussion about how young Hispanics and immigrants students are facing significant challenges in schools, and how parents are not getting involved enough in events and talks prepared by counselors that are tailored specifically to address these issues.

This talk was given in Spanish. Participants enjoyed some arepas and empanadas during the networking time provided by Arepas & Empanadas District.

This event was sponsored in part by Montgomery County as part of the Montgomery County Business Connect program.