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Barrons overview  (courtesy of Barrons Lumber)


1008 Westmore Ave..
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 591-0600


Barrons has a rich history of excellence in the building community. Our visionary founder, Bill Norman started the company in 1947. Mr. Norman went on to become a highly respected member of the building supply industry. He even served a term as the president of the National Lumbermen’s Association.

Today, Barrons continues to carry on the great traditions of our past leaders, who built our company on honesty, integrity, quality and excellence in customer service. Leaders like Bill Smith who completed an esteemed 30 year career with Barrons – Gaithersburg Lumber retiring as its president. Other past presidents include Charlie Davis who went on to a successful career in training and consulting CEO’s around the country. John Eaton, who during his tenure piloted Barrons into an unprecedented increase in size and volume. And, our current president, Jim Davis, who started with Barrons Gaithersburg Lumber in 1978 and worked his way up through the company with real experience in virtually every aspect of the operation.

As president, Mr. Davis has lead the company during an historic downturn in the economy and yet has maintained a successful and profitable organization. Recently, the company opened its second location in Manassas, Virginia and is continuing to grow and service new customers and new markets. Along with the five presidents that Barrons has had over the last 63 years it has benefited from other owners who have now retired. George Wilcoxon our first vice president who served with Mr. Norman. Randy Stoy our past controller and treasurer and Dick Alexander who founded our kitchen division.

Barrons continues to follow the example of these fine leaders. At Barrons the owners of the company are full time employees. They are onsite each and every day. Our current owners are Jim Davis, President, Terry Michnya, Executive Vice President, Annette Stuckey, our Controller and Treasurer, Mike Soulen, our General Manager, and Ann Clodfelter our Credit Manager. Stop in and speak to any one of our owners anytime, just to say hello, make a suggestion, or ask for our assistance with any type of problems or concerns you may have. We are here to help you.

Thank you for choosing Barrons for all your building supply needs.

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