Partner Youth Initiative (PYI)

The Partnership Youth Initiative (PYI) is a youth program which responds to the need to increase high school student engagement in productive after school activities, encourage high school completion rates for students of ethnic minorities, and reduce the financial stress that presents itself as an obstacle to better school achievement.

The PYI Program links a student to a business person (mentor) at a local business or organization in a structured workplace environment, where the student is required to show up after school at a regularly agreed-upon schedule. The student is given activities that provide an understanding and appreciation of the business, and given specific short term and long term responsibilities for a period of 12 weeks.

Financial support is provided to the students that will help improve their lives and the lives of their families, contributing to a healthy and sustainable community and minimizing the risk of dropping out of school due to financial instability.

The students engage in a mentored internship opportunity that will change their lives and prepare them for a brighter future. The program keeps the student from engaging in self-destructive activities during the at risk hours of 3 to 7 pm keeping them safe and out of the streets.

The program not only addresses the increasing dropout rate problem in the Montgomery County, but also three of the county priorities: Children prepared to live and learn, Healthy and sustainable communities and Safe streets and neighborhoods.

The key ingredient in the program is business owners willing to provide mentorship, guidance, and hands-on work experiences for these young people.  In return, the business will get recognition as well as actively participating in creating a better community.

Business owners, professionals, and managers must be the driving force in this program, providing advice and leadership in molding the program into an effective tool that will yield a better future for hundreds of young people in our area.

Please consider supporting our youth with the PYI mentored internship program by becoming a mentor and taking on one of our talented young mentees this semester!

Call for more information 301 332 2686 or email [email protected]