Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Montgomery County’s statement on the New Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation



Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Montgomery County’s statement on the New Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation


 The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Montgomery County (HCCMC) congratulates the new board members to the newly established Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation. The HCCMC looks forward to working closely with the new organization to ensure the needs and priorities of Hispanic businesses, particularly the growing number of Hispanic owned small businesses, are met.  We will be carefully reviewing this inclusion as the board makes decisions in selecting leadership and key personnel.  The lack of representation at the Board level of Hispanic owned small business is concerning to us, because it is a very important factor in the economic development in this County in particular, and in the ability to inspire and motivate youth as they seek careers and futures in a very diverse community.  Hispanic representation in the new body is extremely important.  Equally important, the HCCMC urges a strong focus on supporting the growing number of Hispanic-owned small businesses which are fundamental to our growth as a county and as a community.The Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation board is comprised mainly of large business representatives from key economic sectors, surely intended to bring the influence necessary to attract and retain investment in the region.  Even though Hispanic small business representation is blatantly absent, it is our hope that the Board will be mindful of ensuring new opportunities for Hispanic-owned suppliers and the contracts let to larger businesses will require such participation. 

The HCCMC is concerned that the large business focus evidenced by the representation on the Board may result in under-valuing the relevance of the growing number of small businesses in the county.  We hope the newly established Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation will build on the great strides made by the County for small business inclusion in procurement and in policies, and that the Board will be mindful of the relevance and importance of programs and policies that provide fair access to opportunities and not unduly burden small businesses, particularly minority owned small businesses, with administrative paperwork and costly processes that discourage fair competition.  Many of our constituent businesses are experiencing rapid growth and contribute greatly to innovation and prosperity in the community. We look forward to working with you to achieve goals of mutual interest.


The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Montgomery County (HCCMC) is the Gateway to Hispanic Business in Montgomery County, Maryland. Established in 1998, and with a growing membership and sponsor network, the HCCM is an IRS 501c (6) nonprofit business organization. Multiple programs support the growing community of Hispanic business and those who serve the Hispanic market in the county.

The Construction Forum Oct 15, 6:30PM Silver Spring Civic Center

Hispanic Construction Forum in Maryland

On Thursday, October 15, 6:30 pm at the Silver Spring Civic Center, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Montgomery County and the DC Metro Hispanic Contractor’s Association are presenting the first ever Hispanic Construction Forum to be organized in the County.

Designed to expand the scope of business opportunities for Minority, Hispanic and Immigrant owned small businesses in the construction and commercial contracting industries, the Construction Forum brings together talented experts in the field from both Maryland and the District of Columbia. General Contractors M Luis Construction & Hensel Phelps will discuss business opportunities for sub-contractors and the pitfalls to avoid as small businesses in the construction industry. Cherrie Branson, Director of the Montgomery County Office of Procurement and Ana Harvey, Director of DC’s Dept. of Small & Local Business Development will speak on opportunities in the county and state and small business formation in the District and the region.

Carmen Larsen, Chair of the HCCMC Board has stated that; “One our goals as a Chamber is to stimulate and increase the participation of our small businesses in development projects taking place in our jurisdictions. We believe this Forum is a good start on achieving that goal”. Carlos Perdomo, Chair of the DCMHCA reiterated the principle; “We understand this kind of collaboration serves our members in opening up greater opportunities and highlighting the viability of our businesses to important actors in the general construction and development community.”

Daniel Parra, President and CEO of HCCMC said, “We have set up an exchange where roughly 60 of our businesses from both Maryland and DC can learn about best practices and competitive advantage and become aware of opportunities throughout the region.”

Edwin Villegas of Winmar Construction, President and host of the event on behalf of DCMHCA said, “We are creating the conditions for our small businesses to grow and to show the construction establishment that we have the talent to handle larger and more complex projects”.

2015 AFI Latin American Film Festival

AFI Latin American Film FestivalLocation: AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center

Festival Dates: September 17 – October 7

Festival Webpage: AFI.com/Silver/LAFF

Official Hashtag: #AFILatinFilm

AFI’s Silver’s Twitter Handle for Mentions: @AFISilver

AFI Facebook Page for tagging FB Posts: Facebook.com/AFISilverTheatre

Instagram page: @afisilvertheatre

Pase Especial — All-access Pass Information (provides admission for one to every film in the festival):

$150/$135 AFI Members

End of Summer Mixer with MDHCC at Johnny Sanchez Restaurant. Horseshoe Casino

We enjoyed this special and unique small business networking opportunity, and informational forum with our following special guests from Governor Hogan’s Office;
Secretary of Maryland, Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED),
R. Michael Gill
Secretary of Maryland, Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR),
Kelly M. Shulz
Secretary of Maryland, Department of General Services (DGS),
C. Gail Bassette

II Encuentro de Negocios El Salvador, Estados Unidos y Canada. San Salvador

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Montgomery County, fue invitada por PROESA a San Salvador el pasado 18 de Agosto, para participar de este prestigioso y exitoso encuentro.

La Viceministra de Economía, Luz Estrella Rodríguez participó hoy en la inauguración del II Encuentro de Negocios El Salvador, Estados Unidos y Canadá; junto con el presidente del Organismo Promotor de Exportaciones e Inversiones de El Salvador (PROESA), Sigfrido Reyes. El Encuentro de Negocios: El Salvador-USA y Canadá, tiene por objetivo impulsar el comercio de bienes y servicios entre El Salvador y estos países norteamericanos.
HCCMC Representada por Daniel Parra atendio la invitación de PROESA y se reunió con mas de veinticinco empresarios Salvadoreños, Como miembro de la cámara fue invitada también la compañía Aquas Inc. Representada por Carmen Larsen. En el evento, participaron representantes de los sectores de agroindustria, alimentos y bebidas, desarrollo de software y aplicaciones móviles e industrias creativas.
La Viceministra Rodríguez, reconoció la importancia de Estados Unidos como socio comercial “Gracias al CAFTA se crearon nuevos empleos y representa el socio comercial más importante para El Salvador en la industria textil”.
Además, informó que se esta avanzando en las negociaciones del TLC con Canadá, quien también representa un socio comercial importante, “para El Salvador es muy importante cerrar este acuerdo comercial, porque de esta manera estaríamos completando el círculo con los países de América del Norte, al sumarse a los acuerdos comerciales que ya tenemos con Estados Unidos y México”.
Los Tratados de Libre Comercio, son herramientas que los gobiernos ponen a disposición para generar las condiciones de seguridad y certeza jurídica para las inversiones